Mark Hyman

Mark Hyman, founder of Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars, is a true ‘car nut’ in every way.  He restored his first car at age 16 and has always loved tinkering with old cars.  While attending college for International Finance, he stumbled upon a Facel-Vega which he bought and sold for a profit.  Mark started sourcing cars for clients in Europe and discovered how much fun he was having doing it. “I never made a conscious decision to enter the car business, but by the time I graduated I was well on my way.”

Mark has an affinity for English, German and Italian sports cars, pre- and post-war classics, custom-bodied Packards, Duesenbergs and European one-off coachbuilts, as well as 1950s-era American collectibles.  When you visit, you will also see Mark’s personal collection which includes the Dodge he restored as a teenager and a DKW motorcycle; one of his earliest finds.

Cars, travel, business, making deals and meeting people combine to keep the business fresh.  “Business is fun when you’re doing something you love.”