At Hyman Ltd., we search the world to seek out and acquire rare and unusual cars of exceptional quality. Our clientele consists of collectors, museums, and enthusiasts throughout the world who come to us for assistance in buying, selling, and in refining their collections.

Our extensive inventory – typically exceeding 200 vehicles — caters to many segments of the collector car hobby. Whether your interest is in a Pebble Beach Concours winner, an automotive investment or a weekend driver, we can meet your needs.


Hyman Ltd. Classic Cars was created in 1989 as a result of Mark Hyman’s interest in antique, classic and special interest automobiles. Beginning in a small rented garage of approximately 4,000 sq ft., the business quickly grew and in 1992 was moved to a new 12,000 sq ft. building in St. Louis, MO.

In 2004, we moved to our current location — a beautiful 35,000 sq ft. facility located near the St. Louis International Airport. In 2014 we added an additional 32,000 sq ft. adjacent to our current location. Today, our state of the art 67,000 sq ft. facility houses our sales department, restoration, repair facilities as well as our showroom and administrative offices.

Our Collection

Stroll through the Hyman Ltd. showroom on a typical day, and you will undoubtedly encounter a variety of the most iconic vehicles ever built anywhere – an automotive array that would delight even the most discriminating museum curator. And while the vast majority of these amazing motor cars remain available for purchase, some aren’t. These are the vehicles that have the noteworthy distinction of being on permanent display. For a closer look at these amazing machines, just click the button below.

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The car hobby could not continue to thrive the way it has without an entire community of professionals who share a deep felt passion for the amazing vehicles of the past.

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