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As a rule, we maintain an extensive inventory of over 100 automobiles housed in our state of the art facility located in St. Louis, Missouri. We cater to not only the sophisticated collector, but also to the nostalgia buff looking for a weekend toy.

And while we certainly welcome visitors – we’re just minutes from the airport – over 95% of our cars are sold and shipped to our customers without them ever seeing anything more than the vehicle profile and photographs on our website.

However you prefer to do business together, you can rest assured that our sales staff will do whatever it takes to accommodate you – whether that means using tablet computers, smart phones or a good old-fashioned handshake.

After you’ve made the decision to purchase a vehicle from us, we will fax or email documents to you for your signature. We do not charge sales tax; you pay any taxes due when you register the vehicle. Furthermore, regarding payment terms, we accept cash, checks, cashier’s checks and bank wire transfers.

Our clients needs range from determining just what makes your perfect first collector car to building a multimillion dollar collection. Please feel free to discuss your needs with us. We are happy to help you identify your goals and assist you in meeting them.

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Selling Your Car


Our business is great. As such, we have a huge demand for quality collector cars. If you’re thinking of selling, whether it’s one car or a whole collection, we want to talk to you. We will help you evaluate your car and will either purchase it outright, or sell the car for you on a consignment basis.

To get started, call one of our specialists, or fill out the form below.

Please be sure to photograph the vehicle’s flaws, as well as its highlights. We will contact you once we have reviewed your submission.

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Consign your Car with Hyman Ltd.

For over twenty-five years, Hyman Ltd. has been a leader in the collector car industry. From entry-level collectibles to concours winning masterpieces, our unmatched experience covers the vast expanse of the collector car market.

Consigning your vehicle with Hyman Ltd. removes the hassle, worry and effort from the process of selling your collectible automobile. Our deeply rooted understanding of market trends and proven marketing strategies ensures that the car is correctly presented to the market, while our competitive rates and global marketing reach assure maximum returns at even the highest end of the market.

The team at Hyman Ltd. are true enthusiasts who share in your passion for collector cars. We act as a concierge service for virtually all corners of the collector car industry. Our vast experience with coordinating and providing transportation, insurance providers, financing solutions, restoration support, collection management, market valuations and much more allows us to assist you with all of your collector car needs.

In addition to marketing to a diverse audience, we have the ability to work with buyers who do not generally purchase from auctions. Because many buyers prefer to buy quietly from a trusted dealer, we are able to cater to their individual needs with respect to financing, long and short term storage, 1031 exchanges, trades-ins and the time to personally inspect and research a car. Our in-house restoration department has experience with all marques and can perform any agreed upon repairs or services on behalf of the new buyer.

The Process

With a simple phone call, we will arrange for your car to be transported to our state-of-the-art facility in St. Louis, MO. You provide the car, proof of ownership and insurance and we will take care of the rest. We handle the transaction from start to finish, including the transfer of ownership and export, if necessary. Upon arrival, our staff will evaluate your car and contact you to discuss how to maximize its value. Whether your car has been sitting for 80 years or has been recently restored, our full service shop can take care of any service or detailing needs your car may need before being presented to the market. When your car is ready for sale, we will craft a detailed description, highlighting its best virtues and take a full set of professional quality photographs in our studio. Our expansive knowledge and experience ensures your car will achieve top market value.

Hyman Ltd.’s competitive fees allow us to stay one step ahead of the auction houses, so that you can be involved in the transaction as little or as much as you wish. Our selling fees typically range from just 8 to 10 percent based on the value of the car. Over and above this percentage we charge $50 per week for storage and advertisement. Because the effort involved in selling a $75,000 car is often comparable to or greater than that required to sell a $750,000 car, we charge a higher percentage of the sale price on less expensive cars.

Selling your car through one of the major auction houses will ultimately cost 10 percent on BOTH the buyer’s and seller’s side. Therefore, the seller only realizes 80 percent of what the buyer actually paid for the car. Selling your car through Hyman Ltd. nets the seller at least 90 percent of the total price paid for the car. Additionally, the growing demand for late model exotics has overshadowed other important cars when offered at an auction. As a result, these cars are often offered at no reserve. With the pressure to sell and only a few minutes to make a decision, cars are frequently sold with money left on the table.

When you consign your car with Hyman Ltd., we ask that you include any accessories, tools, literature and documentation. This adds value and assists us in documenting the history and writing a comprehensive description of your car.

Please contact one of our representatives today to discuss the proven Hyman Ltd. consignment program.

Vehicle Evaluation

car on lift

We act as expert appraisers and advisors on behalf of collectors, estate executors and attorneys seeking to maximize the value of vintage automotive assets. Knowing what it is worth is just part of the equation; understanding how to obtain its proper value in an efficient manner is often even more important.

Museum Consultation


Hyman Ltd. acts as consultant to many public and private museums located throughout the United States. We assist them in helping to acquire automobiles for display, and when it is determined that parts of the collection should be liquidated, we act as agent or as principal in the sale of these cars.

In addition, we act as advisors in determining the focus and direction of the collections. Museums are constantly looking for sources of funding and for donations of automobiles. We have been successful in helping our clients place significant automobiles in museums. As a result the museum has benefited and the donor has realized preferential tax treatment.



Hyman Ltd. can assist you in financing the purchase of your car. We have several experienced companies that specialize in the financing and leasing of collector cars. There is a difference. Companies that specialize in vintage autos understand the value of the car and understand that the car is not a depreciating asset. They tailor their finance offerings to meet the needs of the collector.



Hyman Ltd. will arrange to have your classic vehicle safely transported anywhere in the world. We use only reputable transporters who are not only fully insured but are those companies that we have been using for many years and have a proven track record. Your vehicle will be delivered to your door, safe and secure.

What’s more, we have over 25 years of experience shipping automobiles internationally. From our very own facility, we safely and properly load your vehicle in a container, eliminating the need for your vehicle to be shipped to the port only to be handled by dock hands who often are unfamiliar with intricacies of vintage motor cars.


Wrecked classic

Many companies now offer insurance programs for the auto collector. These companies offer substantial benefits and should be carefully considered as an alternative to using your family insurance agent. Collector car insurers understand that most collector cars are not driven often, are almost always garaged, are lovingly cared for, rarely used for transportation and also understand that in case there are claims that these cars require specialty repair shops to carry out the work.

With this in mind, specialty car insurers offer significant discounts to vintage auto enthusiasts. One of the major advantages offered by some classic auto insurers is referred to as stated value coverage. Put simply, stated value coverage means that in the case of a total loss the insurer will pay you the value of the car that you have been paying premiums on. Some insurers will pay “up to” the value you have been paying premiums on. This is an important distinction and one that should be considered when choosing insurers.

If you need more information about insuring your Hyman purchase, don’t hesitate to ask your Hyman representative.

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