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Buying a Car from Hyman LTD – What You Can Expect

We typically maintain an inventory of nearly 200 vehicles in our state of the art facility located in St. Louis, Missouri – just minutes from the airport (STL). We cater to sophisticated collectors as well as to hobbyists looking for a fun weekend ride. Whether you are purchasing your first collector car or building a multimillion-dollar collection, feel free to discuss your needs with us. We are here to help you clarify your goals and assist you in meeting them.

While we welcome visitors, over 95% of our cars are sold online based on the vehicle profile and photographs on our website. However you prefer to do business, rest assured that our passionate and knowledgeable specialists will do whatever it takes to accommodate you – via the computer, a phone call or a personal visit.

After you’ve made the decision to purchase a vehicle from us, we will fax or email documents to you for your signature. We do not charge sales tax; you pay any taxes due when you register the vehicle.

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Selling a Car

Selling your car to Hyman LTD – What You Can Expect

We have a continuous demand for quality collector cars. Whether you’re thinking of selling a single car or an entire collection, we want to hear from you. We will help evaluate your vehicle and work with you to establish a fair market value. We can either purchase your car directly, or offer it through our successful consignment program.

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For collectors who want to make things simple, we are ready buyers and can assist with all aspects of storage and transportation. To take the first step, contact a specialist by filling out the form below or by giving us a call.

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Our consignment program is a seamless service designed for collectors to leverage our global network and broker a private sale. Sellers looking for more control benefit from our expertise in valuation, preparation, tax, timing, and venue guidance.

One of the most respected names in the world of collector cars, we have provided direction to collections and museums for over thirty years. We have handled many of the world’s most significant automobiles, from Pebble Beach winners to Youngtimer classics, and virtually everything in between. Our clients demand a higher level of control, and that reduces risk as well as an enhanced level of service, providing peace-of-mind throughout.


1. Submit your vehicle online HERE, or call us at +1(314) 524-6000
2. Your consignment specialist will walk you through the entire process and work with you from the initial contact through the final sale.


Our commission rates are applied as a percentage of the final sale price. With some of the lowest rates in the industry, our program is structured to net the highest possible result. In combination with the commission rate, there is a one-time intake fee and monthly storage/marketing charge.


Over thirty years of handling some of the world’s most beautiful collector cars, we’ve seen bear and bull markets. Trends come and go, but the fundamentals of collecting remain. We’ve built and sold entire collections based on the changing requirements of our clients.


Our specialists provide crucial insight into the areas of valuation, preparation, marketing, and venue. Knowing when and how to present a car to the market has a significant impact on the results.


We allow for trades, financing, storage, shipping, and insurance. Our 67,000 square feet facility housing an extensive inventory of over cars as well as service and storage capabilities.


We have created a global collector database refined over many years in the business, and we often have standing requests for select automobiles. Our results are a testament to our reach in the market.


A recognized brand, Hyman Ltd, facilitates a wide-ranging print and digital advertising campaign throughout the United States and Europe. In combination with a high-traffic website and email program, we have significant reach.

Vehicle Evaluation

We act as expert appraisers and advisors on behalf of collectors, estate executors and attorneys seeking to maximize the value of vintage automotive assets. Knowing what it is worth is just part of the equation; understanding how to obtain its proper value in an efficient manner is often even more important.

Museum Consultation

Hyman Ltd. acts as consultant to many public and private museums located throughout the world. We assist them acquisition of automobiles for display, and when it is determined that parts of the collection should be liquidated, we act as agent or as principal in the sale of these cars.

In addition, we act as advisors in determining the focus and direction of the collections. Museums are constantly looking for sources of funding and for donations of automobiles. We have been successful in assisting our clients place significant automobiles in museums. As a result the museum has benefited and the donor has realized preferential tax treatment.


Hyman Ltd. can assist you in financing the purchase of your car. We work closely with several experienced companies that specialize in the financing and leasing of collector cars. Companies that specialize in vintage auto financing understand not only the value of the car, but importantly that that it is not a depreciating asset. They tailor their programs to meet the specific needs of the automobile collector.


Hyman Ltd. will arrange to have your collectible vehicle safely transported anywhere in the world. We rely only on trusted and reputable transporters who are fully insured and licensed. Your vehicle will be delivered to your door, safe and secure.

What’s more, we have over 30 years of experience shipping automobiles internationally. From our very own facility, we safely and properly load your vehicle in a container, eliminating the need for your vehicle to be shipped to the port only to be handled by dock hands that are often unfamiliar with intricacies of vintage motor cars.


Many companies now offer insurance programs for the auto collector. These companies offer substantial benefits and should be carefully considered as an alternative to using your family insurance agent. Collector car insurers understand that most collector cars are not regularly driven for transportation, are almost always garaged, and are lovingly cared for. They also understand that in case of a claim, a specialty shop is required to carry out repairs.

With this in mind, specialty car insurers offer significant discounts to vintage auto enthusiasts. One of the major advantages offered by some classic auto insurers is referred to as stated value coverage. Put simply, stated value coverage means that in the case of a total loss the insurer will pay you the value of the car that you have been paying premiums on. Some insurers will pay “up to” the value you have been paying premiums on. This is an important distinction and one that should be considered when choosing insurers.

If you need more information about insuring your Hyman purchase, don’t hesitate to ask your Hyman representative.