1937 Ford Deluxe Phaeton

In the mid-1930s, Ford was really on a roll and selling cars in huge numbers. The brilliant “flathead” V8 engine brought power to the people along with a healthy dose of elegance courtesy of Bob Gregorie’s styling mastery. For 1937, little had changed mechanically from ’36 with the exception of the new, small displacement engine being offered for the first time. The “V8-60”, as it became known, was an entry level version of the standard 85 horsepower engine. As before, both standard and Deluxe lines were offered, with the Deluxe marketed essentially as a separate model. But the even bigger news for the ’37 model year was a heavily reworked front end design. The grille was taller and featured swept-back V-shape which elegantly flowed into the hood. The old pod-mounted headlights were out and in their place were beautiful faired in headlights with distinct teardrop lenses marking the first time a Ford had fully faired-in lights. The new front end treatment gave the ’37 Ford a distinctly upmarket appearance which appealed to buyers. As with earlier models, a myriad of body styles were available. Anything from a basic four door sedan to a woody wagon, to elegant Deluxe-trim roadsters or cabriolets could be had. The iconic styling, mechanical simplicity and easy-going nature of the Flathead V8 make the 1937 Ford a popular choice for today’s serious collectors and weekend hobbyists alike.

This lovely 1937 Deluxe Phaeton comes to us from a large collection of pre-war Ford automobiles. The Phaeton is among the rarest of all body styles, similar in appearance to a Convertible Sedan, albeit with a simpler top and removable side-curtains that lend a clean appearance with the top down. A handsome and honest car, it presents very well in the attractive combination of Washington Blue over a dark tan interior, along light gray top piped in blue. It’s a very attractive combination that suits the car quite well. The restoration has been executed to a high standard with very good panel fit and paint quality, attractive chrome work and excellent fit and finish, as well as a strong emphasis on proper mechanical function. It is well equipped with Ford-script fog lamps, wind wings, period appropriate Firestone double-whitewall tires, a convertible top boot, original side-curtains, original clock and the wonderful Ford banjo steering wheel. The original tool kit has been mounted on a display board for a unique presentation at shows and events.

Since the restoration was completed, it has seen some regular use and maintenance give it just the slightest care-worn quality. The engine bay is tidy and well detailed, though not fussy or overdone – but done right. The engine is mated to a 3-speed manual transmission which shifts cleanly and smoothly. Just 3,723 Phaetons built in 1937 and many have since disappeared or been turned into customs. To see such an elegant, well restored and attractive ’37 Phaeton is a rare treat. Mechanically sound and very attractive, this Ford is ready to see regular use again and will be sure to please its next keeper.

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