Collector Car Specialist

The Hyman Ltd Collector Car Specialist role goes well beyond that of a salesperson. A Specialist acts as a client liaison, a trusted advisor to buyers and sellers, a Hyman Ltd brand ambassador, and a respected expert in a wide variety of vehicles. Our team prides itself on professionalism, honesty, tact, and teamwork. Candidates should have proven experience in collector vehicle sales and show a willingness to learn, share expertise, and work as a unit with the entire sales and support staff. Applicants should also demonstrate a keen understanding of collector vehicles of all types and possess the skills to effectively communicate features, functions, and innate quality of individual vehicles to clients. Knowledge of current market trends is critical, as is the ability to adapt to changing demographics.


Digital Media Manager

Hyman Ltd. is looking for a qualified Digital Media Manager to join our team. As a Digital Media Manager you will be responsible for maintaining and growing our online presence and digital marketing efforts. The industry we operate in is unique and can best be compared to the high-end jewelry/watch/art/fashion industries with some traditional automotive dealership practices applied. A very large portion of our business occurs directly online.