1967 Alfa Romeo Duetto Conv

It has been said that any true sports car enthusiast should own at least one Alfa Romeo in their life. Of course some might strongly disagree with that sentiment – but others in the know will certainly nod in agreement. Alfa Romeos have a certain quality, a certain excitement about them that can be difficult to explain, but once you get behind the wheel, it all becomes clear. Lively handling, jewel-like twin-cam engines and bodies designed by the greatest Italian Carrozzeria all add up to create cars that are unmatched for sheer driving joy – from the most basic four-door sedan up to a two-seat sports car – Alfas share that same spirit.

The Duetto spider was based on the highly successful 105-series chassis that served as the basis of the Giulia and Giulietta coupes and sedans, but with completely different styling. The Duetto took all that was great about the Giulia coupe and boiled it down to the bare essentials of a two seat, open top sports car.  While fairly conventional, the chassis was very well sorted thanks to the well-located rear axle and independent front suspension. The Duetto was built on a strong unibody platform, and came standard with disc brakes, a sweet shifting 5-speed manual transmission, and a 1600cc version of the famous twin cam. The beautiful bodywork was penned at Pininfarina and represented a drastic departure from the Bertone-bodied coupes and sedans. The Duetto was the last project that the company’s founder, Battista “Pinin” Farina had a personal hand in. The beautiful design is characterized by minimal chrome, distinctly sculptured body sides and that signature tapering, rounded tail. This is the original expression of the long-running Alfa Spider, and is considered by many to be the purest and most desirable of all models in the 27 year production run.

This 1967 example is from the second year of Duetto production and features the famous twin cam engine with dual side draught weber carburetors. This is an extremely nice and very well presented Duetto, a fantastic driver. Bright red paint work is in excellent condition and the color suits the Pininfarina body brilliantly. It is correctly fitted with painted steel wheels, original wheel covers and black-wall Michelin radial tires, and sits proudly on the suspension as it did from new. Panel fit is excellent and the minimal bright work is in very good condition all around, with most pieces appearing to be in fine original condition.

Engine bay detailing is very nice, with the correct air filter still in place – a rare find. The underhood accessories are correctly finished, and the engine bay as a whole is tidy and extremely well presented. The engine runs strong, emitting an intoxicating, throaty soundtrack – sucking air in through the big Webers and emitting an addictive exhaust note out the back. These engines beg to be revved and it is truly one of the great small engines of all time.

The basic black interior is highly correct and original. New carpets have been fitted as well as a black canvas top which fits nicely with good rubber weatherstrip. The original steering wheel and instruments are in excellent condition, and the view from behind the wheel is refreshingly clean and simple. The sleek painted dash is simple and clean with auxiliary instruments angled toward the driver, a thin rim three spoke wheel and the 5-speed gearshift that falls easily to hand. An Alfa Duetto is about the pure, simple joy of driving, enjoying the telepathic steering feel and happily rowing through the gears to keep the jewel of an engine on the boil. This gorgeous, high quality example is certain to please any Alfa Romeo enthusiast or anyone who is simply looking to get in on the Alfa cult – and experience why these are considered among the finest drivers cars of all time.

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