1925 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost Piccadilly Roadster

The Piccadilly Roadster by Rolls-Royce Custom Coach Works on the Springfield Silver Ghost 40/50hp chassis is one of the most desirable of all Springfield Rolls-Royce combinations. It combines excellent performance, sleek, distinctive design and intimate sporting character in an automobile of the highest quality.

The appeal of the Piccadilly roadster coachwork is vastly enhanced by this 1925 example's impeccable history and provenance. It is completely as-delivered, with its original engine, transmission, chassis and RRCCW body constructed for Rolls-Royce by the highly regarded craftsmen at Merrimac. Sold new to Boston department store owner, yachtsman and sportsman Samuel S. Conrad on April 15, 1925 resplendent in the same turquoise and green livery with black fenders that it wears today, it was later sold to an unknown owner in California who in 1939 sent it to Redman Auto in Phoenix for repairs. It was never reclaimed and in 1944 Redman sold it to Don Bringold. Its condition at the time must have been very good as Mr. Bringold drove it to Indianapolis in 1949 to attend the Indianapolis 500. Later that year it was sold to 19-year old Fred Buess in Sonora, California, the first Rolls-Royce he owned. Its quality and utility no doubt contributed to Mr. Buess's lifelong passion for Rolls-Royce and it remained in his expert care for the next sixty years until it was acquired from his estate in 2009 by the previous owner.

It was then restored from the ground up to concour winning condition by Robin Onsoien who restored the car exactly as it had been purchased by Mr. Conrad from Rolls-Royce in 1925. In 2013 the car was invited to the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. There it completed the Tour d'Elegance without incident and went on to capture second place in its class. The car has high compression pistons and electric overdive making it a powerfull and reliable tourer.

It is now in the same impeccable condition as it was when it was honored at Pebble Beach. Claiming complete, as-built, originality in all its significant components including the highly desirable Piccadilly Roadster Rolls-Royce Custom Coachwork by Merrimac and sympathetically and thoroughly restored in its original two-tone turquoise/blue livery, it is everything anyone could want in an example of the exceptional automobiles built by Rolls-Royce's Springfield, Massachusetts factory.


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