1904 Oldsmobile Curve Dash

Ransom E. Olds' concept of the automobile proved to be both timely and successful, leading the way for American automobile pioneers' development of gasoline powered vehicles suited to the early 20th century setting. A country of vast expanse with paved streets only in a few metropolises, America waited for simple, reliable, familiar vehicles that could be serviced and repaired by mechanically inclined owners or blacksmiths. That is what R.E. Olds created with the Curved Dash.

Introduced in 1901 after several years of tinkering and prototyping, the Curved Dash Olds (more formally called the Model R) was an immediate success, selling 2,500 examples in 1902, 4,000 in 1903 and 5,500 in 1904 when the original Model R was succeeded by the similar looking but significantly improved Model 6C.

This 1904 Oldsmobile Model 6C Curved Dash Runabout has been fully and accurately restored in the early 1980's and is an AACA Grand National winner in 1992. Finished in deep, rich black with red accent, it has black leather upholstery and a black leather top over its two seats. Lighting is by a pair of Grey & Davis lamps. In the 22 years since it won its AACA Grand National it has been maintained in a climate controlled display and remains in exceptional good, almost pristine, condition. Its serial number, 20548, conclusively identifies it as a 1904, assuring favorable consideration by the entry committee at the London to Brighton Veteran Car Run.

R.E. Olds' legacy of solid, simple engineering and stubborn reliability is never better realized than in this meticulously restored and assiduously maintained 1904 Oldsmobile Model 6C Curved Dash Runabout.

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