1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Coupe

If there is one moderately priced sports car that everyone who considers him or her self to be an enthusiast should try it is an Alfa Romeo Giulietta. While the early 2.250 mm short wheelbase 750-series Spiders reward their drivers with nearly psychic responses, it is the 2,380mm long wheelbase Sprint -- and the later longer wheelbase 101-series Spider -- that will most impress modern drivers with its responsiveness, handling, ride, comfort and performance.

The Alfa Romeo Giulietta departed in many ways from Alfa's past. At only 1,290cc it was the smallest engine Alfa had ever built. The aluminum cylinder block, crankcase and dual overhead cam cylinder head made it by far the lightest. Unit body construction tested the expertise and capacity of not just Bertone, the Sprint body designer and principal contractor, but also the entire auto manufacturing industry in northern Italy. The Giulietta's success overwhelmed Alfa's factory at Portello in Milan and gave rise to a huge entirely new factory at Arese in the suburbs. But for all its departures from tradition it continued, and enhanced, Alfa's reputation of light, quick, powerful, nimble sports car. They looked great. They went fast. They sounded like nothing else on the road, easily buzzing the normal engine to then-fantastic heights beyond 6,000 rpm and the dual Weber carbureted Veloce to over 7,000.

Enough background, though, because this 1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint is exactly what everyone should experience as the epitome of the Giulietta experience. It is the later, 101, series Giulietta with a number of developments that made it better and, particularly, more reliable and the transmission has been updated a fifth-speed overdrive to go with the pair of side draft Weber carbs on the jewel-like 1290cc engine. The presentation is very good in light blue with black upholstery and interior trim and there is a period Becker Europa radio, new Alfa-emblem hubcaps and new radial blackwall tires. Commendable attention to detail has been paid throughout this Giulietta Sprint with very good paint, brightwork, interior, glass and engine compartment. It was restored to be enjoyed and driven, not trailered to car shows, and has been maintained to high standards since it was completed. It is the perfect way to experience this phenomenon of the 1960's, an Alfa Giulietta Sprint that will deliver a glorious driving experience while being displayed with confidence and pride among its contemporaries.


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