1967 Sunbeam Tiger Convertible

Part of Britain’s Rootes Group since 1935, Sunbeam persisted as a separate marque and frequently built particularly attractive if sometimes idiosyncratic cars well into the 1960s. Its original Alpine, built under the Sunbeam-Talbot shield, was a sedan-derived two seater built until 1955. It was then succeeded in 1959 by a new Alpine with well-proportioned and modern streamlined coachwork that employed modestly finned rear fenders. Power came from 91 and later 97 cubic inch pushrod overhead valve fours of 83 and 86 horsepower. With a mid-$2,000 price point it was an attractive alternative to MGs and TRs, but in 1964 Sunbeam got more ambitious and persuaded Carroll Shelby to drop a Ford V-8 into the Alpine to create the Sunbeam Tiger. First offered with the 164 horsepower 260 cubic inch Ford, the short wheelbase Tiger (86 inches) proved itself a mighty performer and has deservedly earned a loyal, enthusiastic following among those who appreciate the winning combination of American brute power with a nimble English chassis.

This 1967 Sunbeam Tiger is a very correct 260 cubic inch car finished in dark metallic blue with a black interior and black convertible top. It also features Minator eight-spoke alloy wheels, Pirelli tires, a wood-rimmed steering wheel, beautiful walnut instrument panel and radio. A relatively recent restoration, it is well sorted mechanically and still pretty enough to show. Unlike many Tigers, this car has been restored and kept with authenticity in mind. It has not been modified with excessive performance equipment, nor has it been driven hard and put away wet.

A genuine, correct 260 Tiger, this beautiful example begs to be enjoyed, and with small block Cobras commanding astronomical prices, it will handily offer the thrill of American V-8 performance in a Shelby American developed chassis for a fraction of the cost.

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