1942 Chrysler Windsor Coupe

In December of 1941, the United States entered the Second World War, and by February of 1942 civilian automobile production throughout the country had been halted. A number of American automobiles bearing a 1942 model year were sold, but the manufacturing strength of America’s carmakers soon switched to the war effort. World events made bad timing for a number of models, and Chrysler’s full-sized Windsor is a perfect example. The Windsor had only just come out in 1939, and for 1942 a major styling update saw Chrysler selling a vehicle that could easily be mistaken for a postwar design, with fenders and headlights more fully integrated into the bodywork and concealed running boards for a more streamlined appearance. Five chrome bars stretched across the grille and around the front fenders, and were then paralleled on the rear fenders, a treatment developed by designer Gil Spear. It was a gorgeous car, but as production ended in January of 1942, it is also one that is seldom seen.

This 1942 Chrysler Windsor is an even more rare Club Coupe model with an expansive, comfortable back seat with balanced styling and design that perfectly complements its unique for 1942 design details. It is finished in dark blue with a blue cloth interior with blue carpets and a blue plastic dash. It also features steel wheels, trim rings, Firestone whitewall tires, rear fender skirts, dual mirrors, radio, electric clock and a heater. We have never offered or even seen one of these cars, and on top of its rarity and exclusivity it is in beautiful condition. The prominent and elegantly flowing chrome that distinguishes this car is in exquisite condition, and both the trunk and the engine bay housing Chrysler’s 242 cubic inch L-head straight-six are attractively detailed. This car is not only exceedingly rare in that it is a 1942 model, it is also clothed in bodywork that is both incredibly gorgeous and unique to 1942. It will stop people in their tracks wherever it appears.

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