1959 Alfa-Romeo Giulietta Spyder

When Alfa Romeo first introduced the 1290cc Giulietta in 1954, the Milanese company established itself as a builder of cars that were small in size but huge in performance, clever engineering and fun. The Giulietta also marked Alfa Romeo's transition to becoming a volume manufacturer, as demand for the little jewel of a car proved to be massive. The Giulietta could be had as a coupe or a sedan, but for most the Spider is the body style of choice. Already blessed with a lively aluminum alloy twin-cam engine and wonderful handling, the Giulietta Spider was only made more tempting by its alluring Pinin Farina bodywork. It is therefore one of the most rewarding cars, both to drive and to look at, of the 1950s. This beautiful 1959 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Spider is a beautifully presented and well sorted car that was restored to be driven. It is finished in a pleasing light blue and has a new black cloth convertible top. It also has steel wheels and chrome hubcaps, as well as a dark blue interior with light blue piping. A thoroughly and properly restored car, it features new carpets and rubber as well as a nicely detailed engine bay and trunk. From the paint and chrome to the mechanicals, this Giulietta Spider has a fresh look and feel to it, and the car runs and drives very well. Restored to be used and enjoyed, it is nevertheless an absolutely gorgeous example that can easily be shown at local events. This combination makes it ideal for those who wish to enjoy both the sensational styling and rewardingly engaging driving experience of one of Alfa Romeo's most important models.

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