1948 Airstream Wee Wind Trailer

The very first Airstream trailer was created in 1929 by Wally Byam, who at first put a tent-type body onto a Ford Model T chassis before fitting a more practical and permanent teardrop-shaped body as well as a stove and ice chest. Byam received numerous inquiries about his travel trailer, and his article in Popular Mechanics on how to build one garnered enough attention for him to sell plans on the side. Eventually, the idea of building and selling aluminum trailers full time was too tempting to resist, and he set up shop in Culver City, California. Airstream’s first commercial model was the Torpedo, and by 1932 over a thousand of them had been sold. Over the next few years the trailer market exploded and trailer manufacturers sprang up all over the country to meet demand, but Airstream will always be the name most associated with classic travel trailer style and innovation.


Vintage Airstreams can be found in various shapes and configurations, but of the trailers built during Byam’s time at the head of the company (he died in 1962), the diminutive single axle WeeWind is considered the most collectible. It was the smallest trailer that Byam ever conceived, and was introduced when Airstream reopened shortly after the end of the Second World War. This particular Airstream WeeWind, identified as number 3055, is a highly original example that has had some refurbishing done over the years as needed. It was a long-time museum piece and has therefore seen little use. It is operable, tows well and is equipped with a stainless steel sink, stainless steel stove and electrical outlets. The aluminum body is also polished and straight. It could be enjoyed in its current condition or further restored if desired. Such an original and early Airstream as this rarely comes onto the market. That this is a rare, compact Wee Wind model, one of only a handful known to exist, makes it all the more desirable and a perfect travel companion for a postwar American sedan or truck for traveling in style to shows, events and swap meets.

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