1922 Packard Twin Six Cape Top Two Door

This is a marvelous, one-off Brunn bodied, absolutely unique, original and unrestored automobile. More than that, it is the animate presence of a remarkable 20th century woman, Agnes Jane Reeves Greer. Born in the last years of the 19th century, Agnes Reeves was the daughter of Jeremiah E. Reeves, a pioneer in the Ohio and West Virginia steel industry. She married Herbert C. Greer and with him founded the Greer Steel Company in Morgantown, West Virginia, a company that remains an active, innovative participant in America's industrial backbone today. But she was more than a pillar of her community, she was an innovator herself, the assignee of some fifty U.S. patents for industrial processes like #2273884, 'an apparatus for opening the outer end of a metal coil' and 2218557, 'the treatment of metal, particularly to cleaning of metal articles.' She also was a pioneer in communications, in the 1940's establishing one of the first FM radio stations. In 1922 the Packard Twin Six was the most monumental of American automobiles, a 424 cubic inch 60-degree V-12 with 90 brake horsepower and the smooth, deliberate torque of its 5 inch stroke. The Packard Twin Six was the choice of anyone who appreciated competence, sophistication and power. That was Agnes Jane Reeves Greer. She didn't like doors, which she regarded as cumbersome and unattractive, so she took it upon herself to draw up a formal carriage for the Twin Six chassis which had none, took it to Brunn & Company in Buffalo and had it constructed in their coachworks, then widely regarded as the best in America in quality, finishing and trimming. It is, therefore, absolutely unique even in the coachbuilt days of the Twenties when even then most bespoke coachwork was based upon design ideas proffered by the coachworks' designers then detailed and finished to their clients' specifications. That wasn't good enough for Agnes, who very definitely had her own ideas and the wherewithal to have them executed to her specifications. The Packard remained in the Greer family until the early 1970's, and is remembered by her grandson for its appearance in parades, then was sold through Leo Gephart to the Canton Classic Car Museum in Ohio where it remained until now, a two family owned classic Packard from new. It is now completely original -- aside from tires and other routinely replaced perishables -- and shows a remarkable 12,750 miles on its odometer. The original black paint is as it was applied at Brunn in the 1920's. So is the tan broadcloth on the rear seats, the black leather (now protected under cloth covers) in the front and the black leather cape top. In 1999 it was driven, not trailered, to the Packard Centennial Parade in Warren, Ohio. The car was shown in the Prewar Preservation Class at the Pebble Beach Concours D'Elegance  in 2014, where it not only completed the Tour D'Elegance, but also won its class.This 1922 Packard Twin Six Cape Top Tourer by Brunn has everything: an unsurpassed chassis and drivetrain; absolutely unique coachwork by one of the foremost American coachbuilders of the era; impeccable two-owner history from new; fabulous and unspoilt originality, preservation, presentation and condition; and an unparalleled story of the modern American woman who specified, designed and owned it, Agnes Jane Reeves Greer.

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