1929 Cadillac 341-B

A half-century ago this elegant Fleetwood-bodied 1929 Cadillac 341-B V-8 Transformable Town Cabriolet might have been sacrificed to re-create a roadster or sport phaeton. Today its elegance, rarity, style and delicious originality set it apart from its contemporaries and assure its survival as one of the most prestigious of the classic era's fine chassis and the equally fine bodies with which they were clothed. The coachwork is Fleetwood's style 3525, essentially identical to the style 4525 employed to great effect on the 1930 and later V-16 Cadillac’s, with an open front protected by a flexible tendelet, blind rear quarters, a crank-operated division window, dual side-mounts, speaking tube to instruct the chauffeur, jump seats and pull-down shades on the rear windows that completely isolated the rear compartment's privileged occupants. Finished in dark green with a sweep panel, black fenders and black beltline molding, it has a black padded roof over the rear compartment that is probably original and in essentially perfect condition. The dark beige cloth upholstery in the rear is almost certainly original and in good condition. The driver's seat and door panels have been redone. A 1984 Massachusetts inspection sticker on the windshield indicates when it was last used with any frequency; the odometer shows 72,143 miles which are, judging from the Cadillac's quality and condition, probably all it has covered from new. This is a beautiful, sympathetically maintained, largely original example of Cadillac history and the quality and design sensitivity of the craftsmen at Fleetwood.

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