1930 DeSoto Model K

Conceived in the late 20's to notch into the slot between the medium-priced Chrysler (introduced in 1924) and the economy Plymouth (introduced in 1928) Walter Chrysler's decision to launch DeSoto in 1929 echoed Alfred P. Sloan's positioning of General Motors' brands in a stair step of features and cost. With six- and eight-cylinder models DeSoto covered every variation in Chrysler Corporation's market. Its styling, with a thin, modern chrome radiator shell and seductively curved fenders, hydraulic brakes, 55 hp six and 70 hp eight (a 1930 model) made it an attractive alternative to competing models and an aspirational choice for car owners who wanted to upgrade their new cars' performance, features and image. Finished in yellow with tobacco brown fenders, red coachline, black upholstery and black cloth top, this 1930 DeSoto Model K Roadster is a wonderful example of the marque's sporting appeal and quality. It features red wire wheels with chrome lock rings and hubcaps, wide whitewall tires, dual side-mounts contained within chrome surrounds with mirrors, chrome bumpers, driving lights, a stainless steel mesh radiator stone guard, radiator mascot, wind wings, opening windshield and rear-mounted trunk on a folding rack. Its 55hp six-cylinder high compression (5.2:1) engine gives it excellent performance as well as quiet, smooth power delivery. The self-compensating hydraulic brakes are far superior to competing marques' fussy mechanical rods and levers. Restored to a high level its bright, attractive colors match Chrysler's position of DeSoto as a desirable ride for the sports and flappers at of the Jazz Age.

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