1969 AC Frua 428

AC Cars' 428 are a beautiful, fast, luxurious high performance gran turismo. With coachwork designed and constructed by Pietro Frua on a strong, rigid tubular frame with fully independent coil spring suspension built by AC Cars, the AC 428 was a viable competitor to Jensen and Aston Martin with performance comparable with European exotics from Ferrari and Maserati at a fraction of the cost. The chassis was developed from that used in the Cobra 427 but with bigger, stronger longitudinal tubes and a 6 inch longer wheelbase with four-wheel coil spring and wishbone suspension and a limited slip differential. Power came from Ford's FE block 428 cubic inch V-8 with immense torque -- 426 lb-ft -- in any form and a base of 345 hp up to 475 brake horsepower in highly tuned form. One or two early cars had Ford's 4-speed manual gearbox but the AC 428's gran turismo character lent it to the police package specification C-6 4-speed automatic transmission. Ultimately only 81 AC 428s were built of which 50 were the svelte, aerodynamic fastback coupes like this. Even more significant, it is one of only 12 AC 428s built with left-hand drive of which only 3 are believed to have been initially delivered to the U.S. This 1969 example is in remarkable condition with just under 17,000 original miles and has never had, or needed, restoration yet today in metallic silver paint with its original black leather upholstery and interior trim looks crisp, sharp and exquisite. It has been repainted to very high standards. The upholstery looks almost like new with the only wear being evident in the patina of the driver's seat. It is fitted with chrome center lock wire wheels, an 8-track stereo and comes with the shop manual and a copy of the owner's manual. The paint and bright work are excellent while the engine compartment has been consistently maintained and detailed to nearly showroom condition. Even the trunk is like new. Capable of speeds in excess of 145 mph and comfortable cruising at well over 100, this AC 428 has never experienced the use and exposure to the elements that has afflicted many of its siblings. It is a rare and wonderful find that will please the most demanding collector and high speed driver who will appreciate both its generous power and the possibly unique experience of driving a never-been-apart AC 428 set up exactly as Dennis Hurlock of AC Cars originally intended.

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