1949 Healey Silverstone

Donald Healey specialized in creating lightweight, good handling sporting automobiles using production drivetrains. He's learned his trade at Triumph where he had been the design talent behind the Dolomite but had gone out on his own after World War II when he quickly introduced the Riley-powered Healey Saloon and Tourer. The short wheelbase, sporting suspension Healey Silverstone soon followed. Its spare 2-seat coachwork, teardrop-shaped cycle fenders and distinctive closely spaced headlights behind the front grille along with a succession of long distance rally and circuit race successes quickly made it a sensation. Most of the only 105 Healey Silverstone’s built were raced until they dropped, but this 1949 Healey Silverstone has survived in amazing original condition after passing through the hands of owners who showed their appreciation of its style and performance by maintaining it consistently and carefully. The right-hand drive Silverstone's 104 horsepower comes from the Riley 2.443cc inline four with hemispherical combustion chambers and two SU carburetors. It is believed to have 1950's race history -- and what Healey Silverstone wouldn't? What's remarkable about this Silverstone is that it's probably never been apart, condition that few if any comparable Silverstone’s can boast today. The body is straight and solid; the good interior -- probably replaced at some point but not in recent memory -- is the essence of patina. The livery is dark blue over tan leather with blue carpet and a dashboard upholstered to match the interior trim. Its weather equipment consists of a tonneau cover and it has an original workshop manual. One of just 105 or so Healey Silverstone’s built; it is just the way an enthusiast would like to acquire a Silverstone: clean, orderly, well maintained and never messed with. It comes from nearly three decades with a consummate enthusiast owner and is ready to bring similar pleasure and satisfaction to its next fortunate owner. They don't show up like this very often.

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