1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow Sedan

Rolls-Royce emphatically entered the second half of the 20th century with the introduction of the Silver Shadow in late 1965. Powered by the 6,230cc V-8 introduced in 1959 in the Silver Cloud II and soon enlarged to 6,750cc, the Silver Shadow was built as a unit body and was shorter, lower and narrower with four-wheel independent self-leveling suspension and four-wheel disc brakes. Some Rolls-Royce owners were initially reticent about the changes but the car itself was faster, had a more comfortable ride, better brakes and handled better. It was still built and trimmed to the high standards of Rolls-Royce and soon won over even the most skeptical. This beautiful 1971 Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow saloon has been owned by a single family of committed car collectors since new. It has always received factory authorized service throughout its life. Aside from one high quality repaint in Shell Grey over Tudor Grey it is completely original and in outstanding condition. Progressively updated during its life to keep it abreast of the latest Rolls-Royce developments it has a Harvey Bailey suspension and rear half shaft CV joints in addition to many others. It comes with a voluminous collection of service receipts, a full tool kit, jack and other accoutrements. As a 1971 it has the early 6,750 cc 9:1 compression ratio engine and chrome bumpers. Meticulously maintained and serviced throughout its life, it is one of finest, most original, Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow saloons on the planet.

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