1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Sport Saloon

Rolls-Royce stopped production at Springfield, Massachusetts in 1931 after almost eleven years building 2,944 Rolls-Royce Silver Ghosts and Phantoms there. But while the U.S. luxury market had contracted drastically after the 1929 Crash it still remained viable for Derby-built Rolls-Royces and a plan was put in place to construct lefthand drive chassis adapted to the U.S. market that would be bodied in America by Rolls-Royce's Brewster coachworks or available to other coachbuilders. Just 116 were dispatched from 1931-34 but their Brewster designed and built coachwork is some of the most desirable and attractive ever mounted on any Rolls-Royce chassis. This 1933 Rolls-Royce Phantom II Sport Sedan by Brewster, chassis 295AJS, is case in point. Mounted on the lower Phantom II chassis and suspension it is balanced, subtle, attractive and pleasingly sleek. It particularly benefits from the long hood extending back over the firewall and cowl to the base of the low, raked windshield. The long sides of the hood-cowl joint curve forward to intersect the front fenders in a line that is accented with thin chrome trim, a treatment occasionally used by Brewster (notably on the Croydon convertible coupe) and one that is particularly effective on this body with its low roofline and padded roof. Owned for many years by Rolls-Royce proponent Jack Frost and later by the Atwell Collection, it had been modified at some time with dual sidemounted spares, faux landau bars and a permanent trunk but was extensively reworked by the previous owner to return it to its original configuration by eliminating the sidemounts and trunk, relocating the spare behind the body tonneau and fitting body color Ace discs to the centerlock wire wheels and today is especially attractive, even sinister, with its blackwall tires. Liveried in rich black paint with black leather roof, the interior is invitingly upholstered in subtle tan leather. It has been assiduously maintained in excellent condition, with recent paint, chrome and interior and professional attention to its driveline and chassis. Pictured in plate 278 of John Webb de Campi's "Rolls-Royce in America" while in Jack Frost's ownership, the transformation worked by undoing the interim coachwork changes is immediately apparent. This very rare lefthand drive Rolls-Royce Phantom II will be a delight to own and drive and a proud addition to any collection.

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