1910 Buick Model 19 Touring

In 1910 the automobile had captured Americans' imagination, and had demonstrated its value and practicality in tackling the vast distances and poor roads of North America. That year Buick built nearly 30,000 vehicles (or maybe 40,000, records are inconsistent) making it number one or number two in volume in the United States. The year also marked an important transition as the two-cylinder cars with two-speed planetary transmissions that had been Buick's mainstay in its earliest years were supplanted by inline four-cylinder engines and 3-speed selective-shift gearboxes. The Model 19 was an important factor in Buick's successful 1910 production. A single-year model it combined a 255 cubic inch four-cylinder engine derived from Buick's 1907 Model D with a 3-speed transmission on a 105 inch wheelbase and was offered only with touring car coachwork. Some 4,000 were built, making it the third most popular 1910 Buick. Heavily equipped with brass lighting and accessories, the Model 19's 28.9 ALAM horsepower rating, quality construction and commodious coachwork make it ideal for brass era touring and events and this handsomely restored example is the car to do it. Finished in the new for 1910 color of Buick Green with black accents, black leather upholstery and a black leatherette top, its frame, suspension and wood spoke wheels are finished in cream. A single spare rides on the driver's (right side) running board. The brass lighting includes acetylene headlights, kerosene side lights and a single kerosene taillight. It is equipped with a Rubes-style brass bulb horn and a Stewart speedometer. Its restoration shows some age with cracks in the paint at body panel joints but otherwise is in exceptionally good condition, particularly under the hood where the 'valve-in-head' engine with its exposed pushrods and rocker arms gleams both in repose and in motion. The upholstery and top both are good and, as the photos show, with the top folded this Model 19 shows more than a little kinship with the famed Buick Bug and Buick-Marquette race cars of Bob Burman and Louis Chevrolet. It will be an appreciated entrant in brass & gas tours as well as presenting proudly in local shows.

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