1956 Packard 400

In 1956 the handwriting was on the wall for Packard: the company's half-century of leadership among American luxury automobile manufacturers was nearing its end. Surprisingly, it wasn't bad product that led to its demise, it was very good but very late product that placed it constantly in catch-up mode with General Motors, Ford and Chrysler. Packard's overhead valve V-8 was as good as, and bigger than, any of its competitors. Its Ultramatic automatic transmission was better than all of them. Torsion Level Ride was not only smooth and silent; it maintained ground clearance no matter how many passengers went along for the ride or how much luggage they brought with them. Packard's body design, after years in the wasteland, had caught up with competitors and was sleek, stylish, and featured gorgeous color combinations along with superior materials and workmanship. The Senior Packard line ended in 1956, but it went out in Packard style, with quality, features, design and performance that did the company's legendary history proud. The 1956 Packard Four Hundred hardtop coupe offered here is one of only 3,224 built. It has had a high quality cosmetic restoration in bright turquoise and ivory with interior in ivory leather and black cloth interwoven with bright silver threads. It is equipped with three-speed manual transmission with optional overdrive, power steering, radio, dual power rear fender antennas, windshield washer, signal-seeking radio with rear seat speaker and new chrome Packard wire wheels with radial wide whitewall tires. The engine compartment is professionally redone in showroom condition and freshly detailed. The trunk is similarly presented in showroom condition including a new correct trunk mat and jack. The interior is new and the chrome and stainless steel trim are excellent. A box full of receipts and documents go with it, representing years of thoughtful, caring ownership. Its presentation shows the appreciation of generations of owners for an example of the final iteration of the Senior Packard. With 290hp from its 374 cubic inch Packard V-8 it will more than uphold the legacy of Colonel Jesse Vincent, Packard's legendary engineering genius, too.

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