1949 MG TC Roadster

The postwar MG TC traced its ancestry directly back to the MG TA of 1936. It was aimed at the U.S. market and accordingly given a wider body in recognition of Americans' more generous size, but otherwise retained the prewar MG TB's 1250cc 54.4hp engine, four-speed gearbox with synchromesh on the top three gears, live axle suspension and stiff springing that set the standard for a generation's equation of rough ride with extreme agility and quick cornering.

Surprisingly few MG TCs, just 2001, were officially exported to the U.S. but many, many more crossed the Atlantic in UK-delivered specifications with proud returning GIs who started the sports car movement in the U.S.

This 1949 MG TC is in UK-delivery configuration and was carefully restored some years ago. It is painted primrose with red leather upholstery, black carpets and a tan cloth top plus having chrome wire wheels and accessory polished aluminum engine side cover and valve cover and an accessory oil filter.

The badge bar carries club badges and a driving light as well as the standard horn. It has been driven since the restoration but retains the good paint, chrome and interior that validates the quality of the restoration's materials and workmanship, as well as the subsequent care the MG has enjoyed.

It is a very attractive car and will be driven and enjoyed with pride and confidence, just as some returning GI did sixty-four years ago.

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