1957 Chrysler

At its introduction in 1955 the Chrysler C-300 created a sensation. Combining a high performance 331 cubic inch Hemi V8 with dual 4-barrel carburetors, solid valve lifters and a lumpy full-race camshaft the C-300 was rated at 300 brake horsepower and put every other full-size American car in the shade. It quickly achieved iconic status and continued in 1956 with the 300B, a 340hp 354 cubic inch behemoth, and reached its peak by many observers’ standards in 1957 with the 300C. Now with 392 cubic inches, its Hemi's 375 brake horsepower made the Cadillac Eldorado's 325hp puny by comparison. The 300C's performance was emphasized by what its simple exterior. Monochrome color schemes, minimal chrome, Virgil Exner's wind tunnel-developed "Forward Look" design and a dramatic reverse-raked egg crate grille were imposing in their restraint and good taste, exactly the presence that suited the 300C's executive hot-rod positioning. In retrospect it is amazing the only 1,918 300C hardtops were built, it was that good -- and was recognized for it. Standard equipment included leather upholstery, 300 medallions and even leather upholstery. This Cloud White over tan leather 1957 Chrysler 300C is a remarkable survivor, as it might have been found on a used car lot in the late 60's. It has only two owners from new and shows 69,272 miles on the odometer, probably correct for the car. It was in Texas for the first 30 years of its life. The engine has been rebuilt at some point in the past but otherwise this 300C is original and complete throughout. The interior is not good but fastidiously reproduced Chrysler 300 interiors are readily available The body is straight, sound and appears to have every emblem, handle, knob and trim piece making it an unusually straightforward restoration project. It will be an unusually satisfying project for an owner who wants the fastest and most luxurious of Fifties' cars, restrained in appearance but frighteningly powerful and responsive on the road.

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