1967 Citroen DS21

Citroen has never honored convention, creating automobiles that are among the most advanced and imaginative on the planet and employing streamlined designs that extract the maximum performance from their modest-sized engines. 1967 was the first year for the DS21, with a more powerful 109 horsepower 2175cc four-cylinder engine driving the front wheels. An automatic transmission was standard equipment on the luxury model Pallas as well as Citroen's groundbreaking air/oil suspension and braking system. This example is highly original aside from a good older repaint and is exceptionally well preserved. The body is straight, with great fits. The chrome is good and the leather interior is superbly preserved. Under the hood everything is right, including details usually lost to age like the cloth radiator air duct and the strap holding the spare wheel and tire. The odometer shows some 82,000 miles, a reading that is consistent with the Citroen's condition, which looks like a 7-8 year old used car from a conscientious owner. A good Citroen DS21 Pallas is hard to find, making this sympathetically preserved, complete and largely original example a rare and highly desirable example of Citroen's original thinking.

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