1958 Buick LTD

In contemporary terms Buick slipped in 1958, dropping to fifth in Detroit's production race behind Chevy, Ford, Plymouth and GM rival Oldsmobile. Among collectors, however, the '58 Buicks are winners, particularly the new for '58 Limited, a 127" wheelbase, 227" overall length exercise in elegance, style and luxury that eschewed the garish chrome fender trim of its stable mates in favor of four sets of refined chrome slashes on the rear fenders that accented its length and prestige along with rear quarter windows necessitated by the Limited's long passenger compartment. Quad headlights, elaborate multi-element grilles and massive taillights unique to the Limited along with plush cloth interior fabrics distinguished the Limited. This beautiful silver 1958 Buick Limited four-door hardtop has a full complement of driving conveniences including power steering and power brakes and is resplendent in silver metallic complementing its chrome trim. It is tidy, clean and usable without being over restored. The luxurious silver-blue metallic vinyl upholstery with cloth inserts is exquisite, as is the exterior. The engine bay is attractively presented. It has the requisite full wheel covers and wide whitewall tires of the period. It has all the indicia of a well maintained, regularly serviced and cosmetically updated car. One of the most prestigious automobiles of its era, only 5,571 were built and few if any have been as well looked after as this extremely attractive (and very long) example. It has a great look and is emblematic of Buick's prestige and quality in the late 1950's.

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