1912 Chalmers

In the second decade of the 20th century Chalmers occupied a commanding position among American auto manufacturers, victorious both in speed competition and in the 1910 Glidden Tour. It also was commercially successful, exceeding 10,000 vehicles per year, and attracting clients named Vanderbilt, Rockefeller and even Jesse Vincent, soon to join Packard and become its greatest chief engineer. The company also nurtured the leadership of auto industry pioneers Roy Chapin, Howard Coffin and Walter Chrysler. This 1912 Chalmers Model 10 "Thirty-Six" Touring Car is a stunning example of the marque's prowess. Restored in the early 90's and an AACA National First Prize winner with senior badge, it is finished in Chalmers Blue with black fenders, black leather diamond tufted upholstery and a black cloth top with tan liner. The body is trimmed with a blue coachline and rides on grey wood spoke wheels with blackwall tires. Its presence is enhanced by an abundance of brass trim including the acetylene headlights, bulb horn, radiator and windshield and is equipped with a Prest-o-Lite acetylene tank and Jones speedometer. It has been carefully maintained and toured since by a meticulous owner and is accompanied by a huge binder of information including starting, operating and tuning instructions and a comprehensive package of manuals. Its 4 1/4 bore by 5 1/4 stroke four-cylinder engine is rated at 28.9 ALAM horsepower but its performance is, by Chalmers' reckoning at any rate, equivalent to a similar 36 ALAM hp engine. A proven car, it is ideal for Brass and Gas tours. Its consistently maintained condition and comprehensive instructions make it perfect for a first-time collector to gain experience with the delights and intrigue of Brass era touring and to join the enthusiastic group of collectors who are showing new appreciation for the charms of early automobiles.

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