1921 Paige Daytona

In 1921 the Paige-Detroit Motor Car Company introduced a new model, the Six-66, powered by a 331 cubic inch Continental engine specially machined and assembled to Continental to tight Paige-Detroit tolerances with a balanced crankshaft and pressure lubrication. Even the 131" wheelbase seven passenger Six-66 production cars could do 60 mph and Paige decided to capitalize on the Six-66's performance by entering competition. The hired Ralph Mulford, one of the truly talented drivers of the day to lead the team and in January of 1921 gave Mulford a special 2-seater with lightweight bodywork to take to Daytona for the speed trials on the beach. He set a new record through the measured mile, 35.01 seconds at a speed of 102.8 mph. A two car team or short wheelbase Six-66s were prepared for Mulford and Steve Nemesh to drive on the Pike's Peak Hillclimb. Mulford finished second overall. To capitalize on these achievements Paige introduced a 2-passenger speedster on the standard 131 inch wheelbase Six-66 chassis in April called the "Daytona". It is one of the most powerful, intriguing, enjoyable and reliable speedsters of its day, rivaling competitors from Mercer and Stutz. It also was one of the best equipped. The restoration of this 1921 Paige Six-66 Daytona Speedster has been started but is not complete. The engine and driveline has been redone and installed. The bodywork has been restored, painted and assembled. The steering wheel and gauges are missing and the rear axle while appearing to be complete needs to be reassembled. The body is the standard Paige Daytona with a pullout accessory seat on one side and a tool box on the other. There is a rear mounted spare. Most of the needed mechanical, fuel system and electrical parts appear to be with the car and in good condition if not all uniformly redone. Finished in red with black fenders and dark blue leather upholstery, with black painted, nickel rim drum headlights and a black frame for the folding windshield, the completion of this Paige Daytona Speedster should be straightforward. We have examined the inside of the engine with a borescope and confirmed that it appears to have been rebuilt, but it has not been run. The photos identify many of the parts which come with the car, and we encourage prospective purchasers to inquire for more details and to come to St. Louis to inspect it in person. The work that has been done, both mechanical and cosmetic, appears to be competent. This should be a rewarding project that will result in an attractive, powerful, sporting and highly unusual automobile very well suited for open road events and touring.

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