1926 Dodge Brothers Series 126

After making a fortune building engines for R.E. Olds and engines, transmissions and rear axles for Henry Ford's Model T for which there were paid in part in Ford stock, John and Horace Dodge decided in 1914 to build a real automobile (their snipe at the simplistic Model T.) And so it was, with a 35hp 4-cylinder engine, steel body, 3-speed sliding gear transmission and semi-elliptical leaf spring suspension. The early Dodge Brothers automobiles were good enough that they didn't need to change much and this example, built after the company changed over to a conventional gear shift pattern in January, is a good example. Treated to a restoration some time ago, it is fitted with a replica station wagon body similar in style to those built by Cantrell on Dodge chassis at the time. Finished in Black with matching wood spoke wheels and an opening windshield, the two rows of seats are upholstered in brown leatherette. The spare wheel and tire are carried inside the rear luggage compartment. It has been freshly detailed and is perfect for the coming spring and summer driving season.

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