1927 Stutz AA

New management rescued Stutz in 1926 with the Pop Greuter designed Vertical Eight. Marketed as "the Safety Stutz", the AA Vertical Eight revitalized the company. Its safety features included wire-reinforced "Protex" laminated safety glass all around, Timken "Hydrostatic" 4-wheel brakes, a double drop frame and Timken worm drive rear axle that lowered the center of gravity for better handling and stability. The single overhead camshaft engine was introduced with 287 cubic inches and 92hp, growing to 299 cubic inches and 95hp at the beginning of 1927 and then with a new cylinder head in the "Challenger" engine to 110hp mid-year. Coachwork was designed by Brewster to take advantage of the low chassis and developed distinctive, attractive and sporting bodies that did the trick. Stutz was the sensation of the 1926 and 1927, as this attractive 1927 AA Brougham illustrates. Remarkably, it is almost completely original, with only an older repaint in Seafog Grey with black fenders. Its chassis number puts it after the introduction of the "Challenger" engine and its performance bears witness to plenty of horsepower and torque. The interior is the original grey cloth with brown stripes and sitting behind its big 4-spoke all wood steering wheel the driver knew he had something special. Riding in whitewall tires on black wood spoke wheels, it has a black composite roof that rolls down to the beltline at the rear around the D-shaped quarter windows, landau bars, dual rear-mounted spares, front and rear Biflex bumpers, glass visors over the side windows, a driver's side spotlight, drum headlights, a robe rail, pull-down shades on the quarter and rear windows and attractive wood trim throughout the interior. It runs and drives well and can be used as is with pride, pleasure and the satisfaction of preserving an important survivor until the restoration it so richly deserves is undertaken. It is an exceptional combination of style, performance, design sophistication and originality.

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