1963 Facel-Vega Facel II

Introduced in 1962 and in production for only three years, Facel built just 136 of its ultimate Facel IIs before ruinous French automobile taxation forced Facel to cease operations. After years of production and refinement the Facel II was close to the perfected embodiment of the French auto tradition's three-quarter century history. Power is provided by Chrysler's 383 cubic inch wedge V-8 putting 355hp through the Torqueflite automatic transmission. 4-wheel disc brakes ensured that even nearly two tons of luxury and elegance were under control. The body was refined with a more restrained wraparound windshield, stylish flat roof on thin pillars and vertical headlights. This Facel II has been completely and accurately restored from the ground up by marque specialist Hans Ruhe. It is fitted with attractive Euro style Marchal headlights; chrome spoke Borrani centerlock wire wheels with black wall tires, a correct-style period radio and air conditioning to complete its distinctive appearance. The transmission has been upgraded to a later unit incorporating a Park position. The dashboard is exquisite and the stainless steel bright work glistens. Its comprehensive restoration is above reproach and even after some subsequent use it is in all respects a sharp, clean, quality car that runs and drives beautifully and will be proudly driven and displayed.

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