1912 Detroit-Electric

Detroit Electrics were made by the Anderson Electric Car Co, founded (as Anderson Carriage) in Thomas Edison's hometown of Port Huron, Michigan in 1884. It moved to Detroit in 1895 and started making electric vehicles in 1907 under the brand name of Detroit Electric. In 1912 the Detroit’s were standardized into the basic designs that made them the most successful electric car company of the 20th century, making over 1,000 units that year and just less than 13,000 vehicles in the company's history. After using a variety of chain-drive systems the company had its subsidiary Elwell-Parker design a robust slow-speed high-torque motor that allowed direct shaft drive with no speed reduction chains or gears, except at the rear axle, an important innovation which contributed to its success. This car was originally shipped May 3, 1912 with a model 25 extension Brougham body. Recently it was rebuilt with a vis-a-vis body similar to Detroit's model 14 Victoria with cape top. It has a modern electronic motor controller under the seat and comes with a battery charger. Finished in black with red coachlining, wood spoke wheels and black wall tires, it is tiller steered and equipped with beveled glass cowl lamps, chrome headlights and nickel plated trim. The quality and execution of the workmanship, materials and construction techniques are exceptional, giving it a show car quality presentation. The primary seat is upholstered in red while the vis-a-vis seat is upholstered in black. Henry Ford's wife Clara drove Detroit Electrics from 1908 until the late teens, an endorsement of their convenience, reliability and quality that is still valid today.

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