1911 Michigan

Not many people have heard of a Michigan, and even fewer are aware of the company's checkered history. Officers maintained a "velvet payroll" padded with hundreds of non-existent employees. Another company officer was wagering on real ponies, not the ones under the Model 40's hood, with company money. Built for only three years, in both 33 and 40hp versions, the Michigan actually was a much better automobile than its larcenous management gave it credit for. Attractively styled by John A. Campbell, its low, close-coupled 5-passenger bodywork gives it a meaty, rugged presence accented by abundant brass including the dogleg windshield frame, headlights and radiator shell. Finished in an attractive blue-grey with black fenders, black leather upholstery and black cloth top, it rides on body color wood spoke wheels with black tires and has a pair of spare tires mounted on the right running board next to the driver's seat. The interior is appointed with a brass New Haven clock, Jones speedometer and steering column mounted bulb actuating a Rubes-style trumpet horn. A Prest-o-Lite tank on the right running board supplies acetylene to the headlights which are supplemented by attractive brass kerosene lamps on the cowl. It was restored in the Sixties by Marvin Young and won the AACA President's cup in 1963, the same year it was featured on the cover of Antique Automobile which had an 8-page article on its restoration. An extensive file of articles comes with it along with a Michigan owner's manual in its beautiful original leather binder. Carefully maintained over the years, its appearance belies the age of the restoration and will be a proud addition to any collection. Being able to tell the story of the "velvet payroll" and the pony-betting company officer is an intangible benefit of ownership.

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