1919 Pierce-Arrow Bus

Renowned for the quality of its automobiles, Pierce-Arrow is less well known for its light and medium duty trucks but they are an important part of Pierce-Arrow history and the legendary ruggedness, reliability and performance for which the marque is noted. Following production of about a thousand trucks for the American Expeditionary Force in World War I, busses formed a singularly important market for Pierce-Arrow, particularly in the American West where their reliability over long distances on rudimentary roads made them an important component of inter-city transportation in the Teens and Twenties. This 1919 Model is believed to have run between Wallace and Burke, Idaho and was given a complete restoration by Ron Fawcett before being featured as one of the many examples of Pierce-Arrow vehicles at the 2001 celebration of the marque's 100th anniversary in Buffalo, New York. It is documented both with as-found photographs and a complete photo record of the restoration. Featuring varnished wooden spoke wheels, Druss Air Springs shackles, Pierce's trademark fender-mounted headlights, dual side-mounted spares, a luggage rack and a black leatherette covered fixed roof, its design is complemented by a raked windshield with quarter windows, a linoleum covered floor and aluminum trim. The wooden body was completely redone with two seats on one side of the aisle and one on the other plus a full-width rear seat. The interior woodwork, including the wooden slats supporting the leatherette roof, is spectacular. Every other side window cranks open for ventilation. The five rows of original-style seats are upholstered in leather and the radiator shell is nickel plated. It is a full and impressive restoration to show quality and is supplied with its original 4-cylinder engine and 4-speed transmission but has been fitted for easier driving and parade use with a late model small block Ford V-8, automatic transmission and a set of disc brakes. This is a truly impressive and very adaptable Pierce-Arrow that will make an eloquent statement in parades, attractions or parks or as distinctive transport for hotels, inns and resorts. With seating for twenty passengers plus the driver and front seat passenger it will haul an entire party to the beach, lake, marina, ranch or party in unique style.

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