1963 Willys Jeep

The Jeep graduated from being a utilitarian workhorse in war and peacetime, eventually becoming a fun, practical vehicle for around town, at resorts, the beach and lakes. It became, in fact, something of a fashion statement and Jeep responded with the “DJ,” a pert, cute, fashionable little two-wheel drive Jeep in bright pastel colors wearing a jaunty surrey style tap with fringed edges. Simple to drive, rugged and reliable, a Jeep Surrey was perfect for the beach or lake house. This 1963 DJ-3 has been restored to better than new condition and is beyond perfect in every respect. It is powered by Jeep's rugged little 134 cubic inch inline four-cylinder engine with three-speed manual transmission. More importantly, it is festively finished in Flaming Pink and White with a Pink and White striped surrey top and spare tire cover. It is cheeky, cute, cheerful and fabulously restored. That's a combination that's hard to beat.

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