1936 Cord Sportsman

The Cord 810/812 were important cars because of their front wheel drive chassis, but it will always be their appearance -- the milestone, ground-breaking design by Gordon Buehrig originally intended to grace a Baby Duesenberg -- which sets them apart and makes them such arresting, attention-getting automobiles. Most car enthusiasts have been "Corded" at least once in their lives: stopped dead in their tracks by the appearance of a Cord 810 or 812. The truest and most elegant expression is embodied in this 1936 Cord 810 Convertible Coupe, generally known as a "Sportsman", with its plain, unadorned hood free of the characteristic but essentially superfluous external exhaust pipes which were extraneous to Buehrig's clean, tidy original design. No less an authority on the Cord 810/812 design than Gordon Buehrig himself said so. This is an older restoration to high standards which still has great cosmetics and is mechanically in super running, driving, shifting condition. Visually stunning in Black with Red leather upholstery and a Black cloth top piped in White, its simple, neutral livery is the ideal choice to let the 810's lines speak for themselves, which they do, eloquently and emphatically. The Convertible Coupe is far and away the most attractive of the seven Cord 810/812 body styles and also the most rare and desirable. In all only 2,320 Cord 810/812s were built. Their survival rate is nearly miraculously high, a tribute to the unique place their design commands and none of them is any more attractive or more representative of that pure, unembellished, simple, clean design than this 1936 Cord 810 Sportsman Convertible Coupe.

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