1908 Sears

This is easily one of the prettiest Sears High Wheelers in existence. It was restored for the Stone Mountain Museum many years ago and in the process the wood was entirely finished in natural with clear varnish which contrasts beautifully with the black coachline, black finished kerosene lights, black painted steel fenders and black leather upholstery and top. It was acquired by the museum on November 8, 1952 for $600 and shipped to the museum by rail. A complete file of correspondence and other documentation comes with it. Although it was restored thirty or more years ago it has been meticulously maintained, regularly cleaned and kept in a climate controlled environment so its condition is uniformly excellent. With left-hand tiller steering, a 14hp opposed two-cylinder air cooled engine with chain drive to the rear wheels it isn't sophisticated, but it is practical, reliable, simple and, as one client observed, "It beats a horse bad, as it don't eat when I ain't working it and it stands without hitching."

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