1900 Locomobile Steam Runabout

This is hardly the giant 40 or 60hp gasoline-powered "Locomobile" of myth, but it is the foundation of the legend, a light steam-powered runabout derived from the fertile minds of the Stanley brothers who sold their steam car concepts to John Brisben Walker for the astronomical sum of $250,000. Walker in turn attracted the attention of the asphalt king, Amzi Lorenzo Barber, to the Stanley's steam car designs. Barber's money kept Locomobile runabouts like this flowing out of Locomobile's Bridgeport, Connecticut factory under Samuel Davis until the reality of internal combustion made itself felt. Steam was the foundation of the Locomobile reputation, and it remains the epitome of quality, performance and efficiency in this early example. Importantly it is eligible for the VSCC's annual reprise of the London-Brighton Run. This example was restored in the early 1960's by pioneering collector Tom Lester who was awarded an AACA National First Prize for its condition in 1967. S. Ray Miller acquired it in 1991 from Lester. With righthand tiller steering, full elliptical springs, chain drive and rudimentary brakes; it exemplifies the early freedom of concept, design and execution that makes antique automobiles important additions to comprehensive collections. It has been carefully preserved since restoration and needs nothing more than careful recommissioning to be used and enjoyed in silence and power.

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