1934 Packard

There is almost always a 1933 or 1934 Packard in the Hyman, Ltd. inventory. They are delightful automobiles to own, to drive and to look at. Experienced collectors universally acknowledge that the '33-'34 Packard Eights and Super Eights are the best drivers of the Classic Era. They have big engines (385 cubic inches) with abundant power (145 brake horsepower) and smooth low rpm torque. The coachwork is refined, elegant, sleek and luxuriously appointed but still retains the refinement that defines the classic car. Packard called its convertible coupe body style a "Coupe Roadster," which highlights the light, sporting, airy character of the body, character which is evident in this beautiful 1934 Super Eight. Presented in Light Tan with a Caramel-Gold accent and Orange coachline and wire wheels, it has Tan leather upholstery, Brown carpets, Black cloth top and a Tan cloth top boot. The exterior is highlighted with dual enclosed side-mounts with mirrors, wide whitewall tires, chrome trim rings, wind wings, donut chaser radiator cap ornament, radiator stone guard, Trippe lights, rumble seat, golf bag door, heater and dual windshield wipers. It is a quality older restoration and is a perfect car to be driven and enjoyed on tours or Sunday drives where the owner will be able to show it proudly in gatherings along the way or at the end of the day. It is, in fact, a perfect car for the owner of a Concours Packard or other Classic who wants a high quality car to drive and tour without taking the edge off the Concours restoration.

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