1937 Packard 115C

Building to a price was tough for Packard. Its line mechanics, fabricators, machinists and assemblers were trained to build the best, most carefully fitted, trimmed, shaped, stitched and finished automobiles in America -- if not in the world. Anything less was anathema to them. They just didn't understand "price". That is why today even the low-priced Packard’s are coveted by collectors. They are the finest of their type and market position, cars that are inherently worth much more than their erstwhile competitors because, simply, they were better when they were built. They still are today. This 1937 115C six-cylinder is emblematic. It has been carefully, conscientiously and skillfully returned to good driving condition. Not overdone -- and certainly not turned into automotive jewelry -- it is a beautiful Packard to take cruising this summer. The panel fit is excellent, the paint solid, the interior attractive and comfortable, the chrome generally presentable albeit with some pitted, shaky places. Finished in Dove Grey with Red interior and a Black vinyl top, it has wide whitewalls, hubcaps with trim rings on its steel wheels, heater and defroster, luggage rack, rumble seat, dual rear view mirrors and a chrome exhaust extension. The Bright Red interior theme extends to the dashboard, door panels and even the steering wheel. While it isn't a show car, it is a Packard that exudes quality, refinement and style that will be enjoyed on any summer evening drive.

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