1932 Cadillac

During the early Thirties General Motors continued to pour resources into perfecting Cadillac as Detroit's most important and successful luxury marque. In 1932, when the Depression's pervasive effect was abundantly clear, V-8 Cadillac’s were offered with twenty-two different catalog body styles, the estimable V-16 came in forty-one. The V-12 fit right in the middle, with thirty-one different bodies from Fisher and Fleetwood on two wheelbase chassis. Cadillac built 1,740 V-12s in 1932, a feat of salesmanship that nearly defies comprehension. The example offered here is a Fisher 5-passenger four door sedan on the 134" wheelbase. It was given a proper restoration some years ago and remains a straight, proud example of the restorer's art, running well and driving properly and needing absolutely nothing to be driven, shown and toured with pride and satisfaction. Finished in Cream with Brown fenders and Brown cord upholstery, its wire wheels are painted a conservative Brown to match the fenders -- and the mood of the time. It is equipped with dual horns, dual enclosed side-mounts, chrome trim rings on the wheels and a trunk rack. The windshield opens at the bottom for ventilation. This 1932 Cadillac 370-B V12 Sedan is a great example of how classic cars should be built, restored and sympathetically used.

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