1949 MG TC Roadster

Like many marques, MG hurried back into production after the war with a mildly-modified version of its prewar T-series Midget called the TC. The big difference with other marques, however, was that MG found an entirely new market in the American GIs still stationed in England after the war. They brought their TCs back to the US, right-hand drive and all, and created a sports car revolution, pretty much all based on this little automobile. Powered by a diminutive 1,250cc overhead valve 4-cylinder engine its 54 horsepower hardly held a candle to the 90+ horsepower common in American cars of the period but it’s equally diminutive weight and quick, responsive handling proved to be a revelation. This 1949 MG TC is a sound and very presentable older restoration in Black with Black leather interior and a Tan vinyl top. Other than a badge bar with fog lights, seat belts and mirrors on the front fenders, it is the basic MG TC including silver painted wire wheels and black wall tires. It runs and drives well and the quality of its older restoration shows in how well it is holding up. It takes only a few minutes on a fine spring day with the top down to gain an appreciation for the invigorating appeal of an MG TC, and this attractive example waits eagerly to communicate that thrill to a new owner.

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