1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SL

The 230, 250 and 280SL are some of Mercedes-Benz's most successful products. Astutely recognizing the success of the moderately price, 2-seat 190SL, Mercedes improved the package with an updated chassis, fuel injected six-cylinder engine and driver and passenger comfort amenities that set the standard for a half century of Mercedes-Benz 2-seaters. The 280SL was the culmination of the most pure, significant and enjoyable early series of these important automobiles. Powered by a 180 horsepower engine with thoroughly developed and refined 4-wheel independent suspension, the 280SL today, forty years after it was built, is still a handsome, responsive, comfortable personal luxury car. Equipped with Frigiking air condition, Nardi wood rim steering wheel and both hard and soft tops, this Ivory over Black example is an honest, used driver. A good value as a driver, it is perhaps even better as the sound and complete basis for a restoration. No matter what it is considered its Mercedes-Benz quality in design, materials and construction shows through.

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