1915 Indian Motorcycle

Created by Oscar Hedstrom and bankrolled by George Hendee, Indian was America's leading motorcycle manufacturer for years. An early advocate of the narrow angle degree vee-twin and chain drive, Hedstrom introduced Indian's signature leaf spring front fork in 1910. By 1911 production was nearly 20,000 motorcycles. The famous Erwin G. "Cannonball" Baker made his long distance record run reputation on Indians. The side valve Powerplus, with mechanically actuated intake valves, was introduced in 1916. Its 61 cubic (1000cc) inch vee-twin made 18 horsepower. This beautifully restored example of the first year Powerplus Model G boasted Indian's comfortable cradle spring frame with quarter elliptical leaf spring front fork and parallelogram rear suspension. It has been restored in Indian Red with Gold striping. The 3-speed transmission provides ample flexibility to manage the comfortably suspended sidecar. It has been restored like jewelry including the Prest-o-Lite acetylene headlight, single carburetor and Non Skid tires. Fresh and sharp both mechanically and cosmetically, it was the prize of a private collection where it was displayed in climate controlled conditions for many years and has been recently mechanically re-commissioned to be ready to be ridden with pride and satisfaction and shown in the full expectation of garnering both trophies and the admiration of spectators and fellow competitors.

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