Motoring Ambassador of Pakistan

Article written by Dave Ketchen in the May-June issue of Austin Healey magazine, about the Motoring ambassador of Pakistan, highlights how classic car hobbyist knows no boundaries. Click on “Scribd logo or download to read article in full size. (function() { var…
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Techno Classica 2014

Last weekend we participated in one of the worlds largest classic car exhibitions. This is our little corner at Techno Classica in Essen Germany 2014. Where we displayed a 1909 Renault, 1911 Kelsey, 1933 Packard, 1952 Mercedes-Bens 220A and a…
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Car Club Resource Directory

No matter what marque is closest to your heart, you’re always close to a community of individuals who share your passion on every level. Here’s a partial list of the car clubs we’ve gotten to know over the years. View Car Club Directory  

Follow Your Muse: Our Favorite Museums

Haven’t felt like a kid in a candy store lately? Then set your GPS on any of these fantastic destinations where you will encounter no shortage of vehicles destined to make your heart skip a beat.   AACA Museum Hershey,…
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Let The Hunt Begin

Today’s collector car hobby is not just alive and well, it’s growing. As the hobby continues its steady growth, the number of cars available increases slightly, as more cars are discovered and restored. For some time now, the supply of…
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Finding Parts: No Longer The Hardest Part

For years, traipsing through the mud ad swap meets was your best bet to find replacement parts for your vintage car. Thanks to the internet, it’s not such a messy process. The antique and classic car hobby today is very…
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