Finding Parts: No Longer The Hardest Part

For years, traipsing through the mud ad swap meets was your best bet to find replacement parts for your vintage car.
Thanks to the internet, it’s not such a messy process.

The antique and classic car hobby today is very well organized, and parts availability for vintage cars is, in many cases, even greater than when the cars were new – for even the rarest, low production automobiles.

There are many companies who specialize in reproducing parts for specific vehicles, and a positive result of this is not only increased supply, but also prices are now often less than when the cars were in production. The hobby is so well organized that even for parts that have not been reproduced, original spares are readily available and can be sourced through the clubs and marque specialists.

Reproduction mechanical components are often better engineered than original, and yield better performance. Body and trim pieces sometimes are of lesser quality, and it is important to choose wisely. For driver quality cars they are typically fine, but for concours level cars we recommend restoring original pieces whenever possible.

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