1954 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith by Freestone & Webb

One off coachwork by Freestone & Webb, powered by a genuine Phantom IV inline eight. Astonishing performance, beautiful presentation. A truly extraordinary and completely unique Rolls-Royce.​

This splendid 1954 Silver Wraith Long Wheelbase Saloon, chassis number CLW37, is a truly unique motorcar that features one-off coachwork by Freestone & Webb, and combines a proven Silver Wraith chassis with the prestige of a genuine Phantom IV engine. Thanks to the efforts of one passionate Rolls-Royce aficionado, this car has been professionally converted with what was likely the only spare Phantom IV inline-eight cylinder engine in existence. It is most recently out of a prominent American collection; a cherished and fabulous driver’s car with a fascinating history.

The story of this very special Silver Wraith begins in earnest in 1987 with Mr. John Donner, an Englishman who had long lusted after the rare and elusive Phantom IV. Given their scarcity and value, he accepted that it was unlikely he’d ever get to own one, so he decided to shift gears, so to speak, and take matters into his own hands by essentially building a P-IV of his own. Donner was alerted by a friend, Mr. Ken Steeley, managing director of Rolls-Royce dealer H.A. Fox in Torquay, England, to the availability of CLW37. Donner was able to acquire the car, soon discovering he was only the third owner of this desirable late-specification long-wheelbase Silver Wraith, and that it featured one-off “owner/driver” coachwork by Freestone & Webb. As found, the car was in a bit of a sad state, but it was otherwise complete and it would serve as the perfect basis for Donner’s dream project………………………………

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