1929 Du Pont Model G Waterhouse Roadster

1929 DuPont Model G Waterhouse Roadster Left Front Quarter

The sole surviving Waterhouse-bodied Model G roadster, originally designed and built for DuPont’s West Coast distributor, presented in original paint colors and specifications. Magnificent in every respect and ready for premier concours events worldwide.​

Presented in the splendid original shade of Sarasota Blue, this stunning Du Pont Model G is the only surviving example to feature the gorgeous 2-seat roadster coachwork by Waterhouse of Webster, Massachusetts. Chassis number G840 has a fascinating history, having been cared for by several noted collectors, including William F. Harrah and the du Pont family. This particular car is the sole surviving Waterhouse-bodied roadster, personally designed by Du Pont’s Pacific Coast agent, Mr. E.A. Van Trump Jr, denoted by a special plaque on the dash. The specification includes a 142-inch wheelbase chassis, and the so-called West Coast Package, which added chrome wire wheels, radiator stone guard, winged radiator mascot, and single-tone paint on the body and fenders with a cream accent panel on the door. Standard cars generally had black wings and painted wheels, so this car’s paint scheme and bright chrome give it a sophisticated and sporty character. Waterhouse is widely known for bodies of exquisite quality and style, and this car is certainly no exception. Mr. Van Trump presumably used the vehicle as a demonstrator before selling it in 1930 to its first private owner, Mr. Charles W. List of Los Angeles, who paid $6,500 for the privilege of owning this unique and prestigious Du Pont Model G.​

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