1931 Cord L-29 Cabriolet

E.L. Cord broke new ground with his front wheel drive automobiles, officially designated the Cord Front Drive but now universally known as the L-29 (its internal project number.)

Fashionably related to successful front drive race cars from Miller (a consultant on the design), the front engine, transmission and differential dropped the Cord's frame close to the ground where it complemented dramatic low-slung body styling, arguably the most beautiful automobiles of the late Twenties.

Introduced in late 1929 just as Wall Street crashed, the middle luxury car market quickly evaporated as Depression spread around the world. The Cord Front Drive stayed in production until 1932, but only 5,010 were built and only a fraction, estimated at around 300, survive.

The most desirable of all Cord Front Drive body styles is the Cabriolet, a sleek, exclusive two-seater that took full advantage of the low L-29 chassis and the performance of its Lycoming eight-cylinder engine.

This 1931 Cord Front Drive is a good older restoration with aged cosmetics, Finished in beige with light brown accent, brown upholstery and a tan cloth top, the engine is freshly rebuilt and it can be used and enjoyed for some time before being the basis for a straightforward restoration if desired.

E.L. Cord was way ahead of the market with his Front Drive L-29 and the later 'Baby Duesenberg' 810 and 812 front wheel drive Cords. This 1931 Cord Front Drive Cabriolet is an opportunity to get ahead of the market for these remarkably attractive and good handling automobiles.

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