2007 Duesenberg Model J Murphy Style Roadster

2007 Duesenberg Model J Murphy Roadster Left Front Quarter with Top Down

A stunning, meticulously-detailed tribute to the Duesenberg J Murphy roadster. Built by from the ground up by Steve Pasteiner of Advanced Automotive Technologies. Truly superb and a sight to behold.

In the early 2000s, the owner of a genuine Duesenberg Model J had the idea to build a thoroughly modern, usable, and road-worthy tribute to one of the most desirable of all Model Js: The disappearing top roadster by Murphy. Of course, nothing even close to what he envisioned existed in the market, so he enlisted the help of the experienced designer and prototype builder Steve Pasteiner of Michigan-based Advanced Automotive Technologies to build his vision from the ground up.

Mr. Pasteiner worked as a designer for General Motors for 22 years, ultimately rising to the position of Assistant Chief Designer for the Buick and Chevrolet divisions. He founded AAT as a prototyping and fabrication shop to serve the Detroit auto industry, producing numerous one-off show vehicles and other special projects. Pasteiner was passionate about Classic Era automobiles, and many of his designs reflected that – making him the ideal candidate to create this unique homage to the legendary Duesenberg J.


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